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Dawda Touray's C.V/Resume


Cover Letter

My name is Dawda Touray a Gambian by nationality from West Africa. I am a laborer by profession focused mainly on construction work. I have been engaged in this particular profession for a period of years attained much skills and knowledge on construction. With regards to my job skills i have the idea of various skills on construction which am mainly in charge of, for instance laying of foundation stone of buildings,processing the blocks to form size,mixing the cement with sand properly in order to avoid the cement from not richly mixed with sand to its taste. With this particular profession i have been engaged for the past years has managed to acquire much accomplishment towards my career goals, though my education has not been completed to higher level. In this same vein motivational courage from friends and families has drived me to be more focus and committed to my job, which now makes me a full time contractor at my current work post. My career objectives towards my profession is to acquire more skillful talent on construction for my future benefits and since i don't have the means of a skilled job,i decided to go for a semi-skilled job which is construction. Among my objectives is to also increase the productivity level of any organization i happen to found myself in towards its stated objectives. Lastly to also add value to the company's assets and liabilities.

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